Monday, August 3, 2009

Success on the first try, Wohoo!

stamped candle
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So, I am looking to teacha class in stamping on candle, so I figured that I'd better get some practice in there... First try, and it was a success! W00t!

I used couple different tutorial that teaches the same thing (just had to make sure, ya know). One of them here, another one here, and one from Splitcoast. See, told you, just needed to make sure.

What frusted me at first was that they all said to do it on tissue, but didn't say what type. I hope they weren't talking about tissue you sneeze into, because they are lousy at absorbing ink and don't even try to color them in. I don't care if it has aloe in it or not, it's just going to be hard and fuzzy with the fuzz sticking to my markers.

Just so you know, and for my own reference in the future far far away. =P I ended up doing it on tissue paper, the type you gift wrap with or make like the bag is fuller than it really is. Hee hee.

Also, I saw some tutorial ask you to use Staz On ink, I didn't find that necessary. As long as you get a good image, it'll work. I did have the SU ink leak thru the tissue paper, versus my Paper Salon licroice is fine.

In terms of coloring in the image, if you have the swirls that no coloring is necessary, it does come out very pretty. For a hallow image like this one, I had used color pencils, that didn't work out very well because of the lead, but if you use the wax pencils, that turned out very nice.

Some people recommend you to wet your tissue a tiny bit to shape it, if you use brand new tissue paper, that wouldn't really be an issue. But, if not, I see why they suggest that. But when they say little, they really mean little because no heat gun can heat it fast enough to seal it into the candle.

The neat thing about this is that once you heat it, you can really see it sealed into the candle, and you can't see the paper at all. That's pretty neat. My thing is, if you use wax paper, and you should; don't reuse it more than twice. The previous melts does take off some color and it will mixed to a new project. Also, the paper itself, since it's wax (well duh on me) it does melt the candle kinda funny. You can't see it here, but I did take off some of the bottom that melted funny.

I do recommend using a bigger pillar candles, because for a small candles like this, I have some big pretty image that wouldn't fit. The other thing is that the edges can easily melted by accident. So, if you have a big pillar, it just gets melted and cooled back into it; versus, the edges of the small one gets warp out of shape.

For cooling, I do roll it around to 'seal' it some more before peeling off the wax paper. It seals so well that it doesn't really matter about how much it suck in. For the parts that didn't fit, use an x-acto knife to cut it. It's easiest to make it nice and clean.

Try it out, I'm having alot of fun making these.
Stamp by Rubber Romance

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Heather the Mooselover said...

I love your candle. Rubber Romance images are some of my newest favorites.

I haven't ever stamps on candles but I have seen a demo. Great that you got it the first time! I never thought about wax pencil vs. lead pencil to color the images.

So have you taught the class yet?