Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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Not a whole lot to update here... I took the easy way out to the card today... it's a scrap card. This is the Anna Griffin's card pack. Everything is pretty straight up. I just love the quote. It's said: "No act of kindness however small is ever wasted. - Aesop"

I was thinking how growing up we have all the Aesop's stories that teach us a moral or a lesson. And how, in this day and age, it seems to be overrated. I'm not sure if all the technology is taking over or what. Anyway, I started to do some research about the stories that are forgotten. You can go here to see them.

I just like the idea, like parables, that while it is teaching a lesson it is also telling a story. People don't write like that anymore where they allow you to think about the results and let you draw your own conclusion and yet you arrive at the same point as the author wants you to go.

Anyway, absolutely have nothing to do w/ the card. I thought it's nice saying and I like how it used so little words to express such a grand idea. I love it and this is a great card as a thank you to my friend. :) One stone two birds.

All by Anna Griffin


Heather the Mooselover said...

Very elegant.

I have some of Anna's pper too. I love "her" pink and green.

Heather the Mooselover said...

To answer your question:
It is a vinyl template from Draggin Ink. It is a tall gift bag but I don't see it on their website.

Allison said...

This is so pretty and delicate...great color palette and organza ribbon!