Monday, August 10, 2009

Green tree

Green tree
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So, I'm creating a class for the upcoming quarter at Sew Crafty. The theme is to make cards like the pros.

Truth be told, it is all inspired by the multitude of catalogs I get from work. Since we are a corporation, they often try to get you to think about client cards and what not before the holidays, so if you still have a budget, you would've blown it on cards instead of something else before the holidays gets here.

So, one of the cards I saw in the catalog. It's a good way to show people how easy it is to stamp and emboss a card and be done with it. No more need to cave into the commercial silly cards, when you can make one that's fast and easy and impressive to friends and family.

I may go back and put some twinkling H2O on the star, but I'm still debating about that... I do want to have some red dots but I'm debating on that too... I have to mull it over first.

Card by SU
Stamp by DeNami

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