Monday, August 17, 2009

Snowflake card

Snowflake card
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So, continuing with the series... here's another one for the class. It's modeled after this. I was thinking about doing the little dots and spackles, but then decided against it. I was thinking maybe some swirls, but didn't want to card to be too busy. But, now looking at it, seems like some of them got divided one side versus another.

Frankly, as I always tell students that your recipients, unless they're creative by profession, they're just going to be greatful that you took the time to make them a card. As that is part of the personal touches you put into your annual ritual of card-sending. No one is going to nit-pick over it. It's just a person preference at that point.

I'm telling you, I was psuedo-cleaning my craft room, I found my awesome stickie rub-on, where you rub on the figure and then rub the flock or glitter on. I love those things... so I'll be looking forward to those. Another type of fun stuff that I'm looking forward to, was the shiny foil paper. You basically have the stickie image, place your foil, nice and neat, and off you go... come off with the image. I also like to do the negative/positive thing too. Where, one rub is the positive image, and cut out the negative part for another card. Yes, I'm a cheap-skate, but it's useful more than once, then why not? I'd like to think that I'm frugile.

Anyway... off to work...

Card & Snowflake Stamps by SU
Word stamp by Amuse

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