Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

Friendly Tin
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So! Did everyone recover from Thanksgiving ok? Did you go line up outside a store at 3am in the morning? I've always thought that's crazy and unless they're going to sell a TV that's worth $1000 at $200, you cannot get me out of bed at that ungodly hour. Haha!

That said, today is Cyber Monday, supposedly, people scoped out the deals in the shops and try to shop the same thing online today. I've checked a few things out, ironically, whatever I want isn't available online, so guess what, I ended up finding it at the store. Go figure!

So, here's more enabler alerts, for clothes: check out this nifty list of places:

For crafty stuff:
Hope Stamps Eternal is having a sale:
Taylored Expression:
All that scrap:
Eclectic Paperie:
Stampin Up!: free shipping

Also check all your favorite stamp manufacturers, they're also running specials.

For my project today, it's a tin that you can store cards and nifty stuff in. It was pretty clever for such a simple project. Just a tin, 2 different cardstock, wrap it around the tin. Wrap the ribbon around it, and just add tag. Tres' easy.

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Allison said...

Lovely creation! Love the color choices!