Friday, November 27, 2009

Sparkly & Bright

Sparkly & Bright
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Alright... are we all still recovering from yesterday? I know some people had 3 thanksgiving dinners to go to... talk about popular, and stuffed!

Anyway, I'm kinda in a better mood about the holidays now that Thanksgiving had came and gone. I'm telling you, I usually have my Xmas/holiday cards made in the summer, this year time just flew by. Now, I'm more in the spirit of things and am ready to go!

This is one of the cards I did at the demo's class. I just really like the container that you can hold whatever. I've seen some had candy inside, which is good concept, but that also mean that your receipent will have to tear your card apart. So, good in concept, not so good in reality. Plus, I still like the old way of doing shaker cards, and you can put beads and stuff in there.

So, today, Black Friday! You don't even have to roll out of bed and fight the crowd to take advantage. Bless the souls who put these together, but go check them out, you may find something you want/need without having to stress out about finding a parking spot.

For clothing sales, go here

For craft related sales, go here

Happy shopping!

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Allison said...

So fun...what a sweet image!