Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Fall

Ok, ok. I know this is supposed to be a stamp blog, but it's really my craft blog. So, you'll get to see my other craft. I'm on vacation, so that translates into I have time to do things. Ha!

This is a Fall Wreath:

I followed instructions here, they're easy to follow.

Here's the closeup:

A few tips for making this... the foam wreath was messier than I thought it'd be. The little bits of foam started to fall off and it's all over my shirt and my jeans. So, having a roller that picks up dirt and fuss, would be handy. I would cut the ribbon even longer than the instructions have recommended. The ribbon length made a prettier tail as you are tying them.

If you have clicked into the instructions, you'll see how much impact you get when you do it in one solid color. I was trying to make some Fall theme, so added some diversity. But, hindsight, I think I would've liked a solid color too. Maybe something to try if I do it again. But I like how it turned out...

24 yds of 1.5 inch Grosgrain Ribbon (may need more for the hanging part)
12 in foam wreath

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