Friday, November 13, 2009

Joy present

Joy present
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I know, the big o' slacker that I am... still slacking, I only have a scrap card to show, not even a stamped card... I know. Mea Culpa. Let me tell you all those Catholic guilt is working great and the sad thing is no one standing over me with a ruler, and I still feel bad. Oy!

Anyway, the most serendipitous thing: the other day, i was taking something out of my trunk and I found this card kit in there. Yeah, I do that. I buy stuff on sale, probably either close out or clearance. I didn't have room and didn't want to take it into the apartment, and just left it in the car. So, I saw the edge of the box peeking out, and thought: ah-ha! I can use their sketch and make something. So, I got a new set of supplies to play with.

I wasn't quite ready for Holiday Cards, but i know I have to get there soon enough. The sad thing is, I'm on vacation from work, and not going anywhere; yet, I have not been in the craft room. Every single day I've been running errands all around town. Last night I finally get to sit down and that is to file away paper stuff. No creative time.

I'm going to a Letterpess class tomorrow, let's hope that will jump start some creative stuff.

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Allison said...

I really like your scrappy card esp. those cute little images!