Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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Man o' man, it's only T-2 till Xmas. Can you believe it? It's super crazy that last time I was at Walgreens that they started to roll out the Valentine's day stuff. Seriously?! Let me enjoy Xmas to its fullest, then enjoy the after Xmas sale and the year-end clarence sales before Valentine's day happens. The retailers are hurting so much that they are constantly having sales, and they blur the lines of seasons for clothing, and now they practically did away w/ the clarence sales because they're at a constant sales state. It is as though they are speeding up time.

I remember what a mom used to tell me she'd do. She would buy the M&M candies in bulk, and keep the extras, then pick off the red ones for Valentines day and the green ones for St. Patrick day. While, I thought it's clever, I also thought, who would want chocolate that's 3 months old. And more importantly, who would have chocolate that lasts 3 months at their home, especially M&Ms. Everyone loves M&Ms, they are the first candy that goes, are you kidding me? That's crazy.

Anyway, I'm going to try to stamp some since I'm taking Xmas Eve off. I haven't taken that day off but like 2 times prior to this year. Mainly because it's a slow day, people thinks that we're closed so no one calls us. Then, on top of that, it's a 1/2 day for the stock market, yet work will consider that a full day if you take off. So, might as well save that day for a rainy... well, you know what I mean. BUT! I am taking off Xmas Eve and hope to get some crafting done. We'll see how much I actually get done.

Card and patterned paper by Joanns Essentials
Blue patterned paper by DCWV
Stamp by Cats Pajamas

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Allison said...

Oh gosh...what super fun paper! And with TCP stamps, you cannot go wrong!