Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Doe, a deer

Doe, a deer
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Here's my attempt at making a scene... no on the ones in public, though blogosphere is very public type of place. But making a scene w/ stamping.

Trust me, I've had proper instructions... you stamp it, mask it, then brayer it. First off, I have very little patient. Second, I always managed to muck up anything that has to do w/ a brayer. Third, I don't even know where it went... I think I may have donated it on my first hiatus. Nice, huh?

Well, so, here we are... a faux scene. It, ideally (read: in my head), is a very nice concept. You put them together, little doe looking up at the bird who is guarding the nest. But, it's hard when the real branch doesn't come from a tree... I can't put it too high because then the doe is not looking at the bird but looking into blank space. I can do photography composition better than using inanimate objects and try to put them together. Geez louise.

So, there is also my attempt to make grass happen nicely. It happened... that's all I can say about that. Maybe another try soon... we'll have to see.

Card by SU
Pattered paper by SU
Deer stamp by TGF
Branch/Bird/Nest by MFT
grass by ???

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Heather the Mooselover said...

Cute card.
I'm with you- scenic stamping is pretty labor intense and time consuming.