Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flower K

Flower K
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This is 2nd card for my friend Kristine who got me the Hello Kitty messenger bag. I liked how this turns out, her favorite color is green and I know this will hit the spot. Plus, Daisy is just a friendly flower (You've Got Mail reference).

Well, I'm just so thrilled today... while browsing the CHA reports. CHA is essentially a trade show, except it showcase a trade that I'm interested in... Crafts & Hobby. So, there are alot of paper companies, stamp companies, yarn companies...etc showing up at this show. One new feature this year is that they have a separate show for public. Previously, the show in July takes place in Chicago, and it's really an industry thing where you have to be working for a store/company in order to attend, you really can't buy any products since they're showing what's new for them.

This year, they opened it up, and it will be a mecca of companies showing off their new stuff and I suspect tons of fun craft stuff going on... I'm mighty jealous. First off I've always wanted to go. Secondly, they are having the show in Florida's Disney World. I'd love to go.... *sob sob*

Well, anyway, back to what I found while browsing all the reports. Luckily all the awesome people post on their blogs what they saw, sights, sound, and pictures... This year's new thing: Letterpress by Quick Kutz. Can I tell you that I'm uber excited about it?

First off, I'm a big letterpress fan. Whenever I'm in Chicago, I make a point to go to Paper Source, because they have the beautiful letterpressed images for cards. Second, just the art of it, I find it fascinating. Back in the olden days, that's how they make print material. Fast forward to present day, that's how alot of people have their cool cards or wedding invitation. So, I'm uber excited. The other thing I'm uber excited about... I believe it will be compatible w/ Cuttlbug, which is a big time hooray for me. No need to buy another gadget, but still get to enjoy the thing I love, Letterpress. *drool* Don't take my word for it, go check it out. They're not shipping until Sept/Oct, so I'm going to be itching for the months to come to get my little hands on the gadget, but it'll be so cool!!!!!

Card by SU
Stamp by JustRite
Patterned Paper by Autumn Leaves

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Heather the Mooselover said...

Love that daisy paper. Daisies rock!