Sunday, July 5, 2009

purse box tutorial

So, I've been meaning to do a tutorial for a while, just didn't have the time, and blah blah blah excuse.  Finally, I got the pictures, the measurements and all that jazz.  If you want to know what it looks like first, then scroll to the bottom, otherwise enjoy the tutorial.  :)

1, Ok... start w/ a piece of 12X12.  Cut it to 11 3/4X 11 7/8.  The length is the 11 3/4 side.

2, Score the top and bottom side 3 5/8.  The middle should be 4 5/8.  The middle will be your 'bottom' of your box.
3, On the 2 side flaps, cut off 1 inch both on top and bottom, leave the middle part in tact.   It should look like this:
4, on the side flaps, this is where it gets tricky.  Make sure whatever you do on one flap it's done equally on the other.  Otherwise it will not close properly.  (pardon the yellow paper w/ the notes, hee hee)

On one of the flaps:  make sure to leave the middle of the flap 2 inches, which means left and right both should be 3 7/8 from the edge.

This is where it gets tricky: you're going to score in the a shape of a fat W, except the middle point will be way higher than the 2 outer prongs.  On the outer 2 prongs of the letter (like a V), you go from the 3 7/8 from the base of the flap outwards 2 7/8 on both sides. 

In the middle 2 prongs (the upside down V part), again from the 3 7/8 outward 3 3/4.  The 2 sides essentially met at the middle.  The middle point should be 3 inches from the outer 2 prongs.

When you cut the part from the apex of the point to the  top of the outer prongs, to the edge, it should look like this: 

Make sure you do it on both sides.  Which will look like this:  (go ahead and fold the W).  This is also tricky, the outer 2 prongs of the Ws is a valley fold, the inner 2 prongs are mountain fold.  So, it should prop up like this:

When you do it on both sides, it should look like below.  What you should do is for the middle panel, match the 2 sides and score the base of the purse.  It should come out to be 2 inches wide.  The beginning point would be the bottom 2 points of the W fold, and both sides should match up.

On the longer middle panel, go ahead and fold the 2 flaps and make sure the short part of the flap (the non pointy parts) meets in the middle.   Then fold in about an inch on both ends to secure the flaps.

When everything is scored and folded, you now can prop and fold them up.  The 2 pointy part of the W fold is the side of the purse box.  So, you need to make sure that the tip of the fold and the 2 sides, matches with the 2 sides nicely.  So, go ahead and fold everything and make sure they all line up nicely too.

When the box is pull flat, one pointy flap will overlap each other.  But when you are ready to put it in box form, they should pull up nicely.
Now, you should punch 2 holes on the middle panel on the 2 ends.  One punch per end.  Then insert ribbon thru the middle lengthwise.  The length of the ribbon is really up to you.  I did 1.5Xs the length of the box flattened that way once it pulls up, there's enough room to tie a pretty bow.
So, after all that - Voila!  A purse box!

So, give that a try, and let me know if the pattern doesn't work or if you have any questions.  Hope you enjoy it.

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