Friday, September 11, 2009


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No, not the movie by Mariah Carey, which did anyone actually see it? I wonder what the movie about. People kept saying how bad it is... not that I have any desire to see it, just wanted to know the premise. If I ever have time to waste, then I might consider but I'm guessing not. Haha!

Well, since we're fall-ish, I'm finishing the week out w/ another Fall card. You have no idea how hard it is to do that when you are living in 90 degrees with 90% humidity. The sad part is that it's not raining outside... yep, 90% humidity and no rain. So, you're just walking in a sauna. Last night we were playing tennis in the sauna... lovely, isn't it?!

Alright back to the card. I was moving stuff from one side of craft room to the other, and found my Sugar Coating by Doodlebug. How can you deny yourself of glitter, I ask you? You can't! That's what I thought too. So, I stamped w/ the Versamark (cuz it's JUICY!) and used the Stamp n' Bond. Now, can I tell you, how I'm so not a big fan of Stamp n' Bond? Because it doesn't stick to the Versamark well, and any and everything sticks to a juicy versamark image. Then, once I fired up the heat gun, it melted, it stuck a little and then the adhesiveness went away. HUH??? The whole idea is that it sticks... but it doesn't.... Hmmm...

I was just too lazy to take out my Glue Pad, but let me tell you, that has never failed me and it worked, just a pain in the arse to go dig it up, find the refill, fuel up, and then just for a few images. :-/

Well, now we learn.... it worked out for all intensive purposes, but I would've love to have something that sticks well. Stamp n' Bond, worked on some not on others, Glue Pad = works.

Cuttlebug embossing folder
stamp by stampendous
cardstock by SU
Glitter by Doodlebug

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Allison said...

Your little movie commentary is funny...your mind works like mine! And no, I have never seen that movie either! Fun glittery pumpkins...I would pull my glitter out more but what a mess!