Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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... Thus, we comment fall holiday cards...

Well, it's not entirely true. I just started making the cards, doesn't mean that I'm starting on the holiday stuff yet. Since it's still 90s in Houston, I'm not very inspired to do anything Fall-ish. I mean, when it's Summer outside, how can you force yourself to remember the crisp Fall air around you? It's like going to the store when it's 100 out side and they started to show the Fall clothing line. I'm still thinking about how to cool off, and here they are talking about corduroys.

Anyway, I am getting to be a bigger fan of Joann's because they sell the $1 stamps more frequently and more likely new shipments will come thru. Versus, the Michael I live by and the one near the skating rink, I think they kinda gave up on those stamps. Most of the stuff they have in the store I've either seen, or have no interests in, and none of which are Fall or Xmas related. But I think I will go back and check in later.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Switching topics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Not that anyone had asked me, it's just based on what I've read on the Interweb, there's alot of dissonance about SU making their Demo sign the newest agreement. You can read more here.

I'm not a demo and have never considered to be one ever. I think in Houston, the market for SU has been oversaturated, so I don't feel the need to be another number of a pyramid-ish marketing scheme. You have a lead and you're part of that team. The only saving grace is that the ladies I know that are part of teams, are truly organized, talented and kind people. So, that left my impression more positive than say other companies (think: Avon, Tupperware...etc).

The big hub bub was the change of their agreement where they would ask their demo to not be on other stamp companies design team. They're not to FB or Tweet anything but SU, and if they blog, they can only blog about using SU stuff and not any other companies. If they have link to someone else's blog, they also needed to be SU and if they're not, they should not have that on their blog. The last part really rub alot of people the wrong way.

Here's my take, and again, I'm not a Demo, I don't have the full point of view as alot of the people had out there. But, here's me on the soapbox:

I work for a big firm, in compliance no less. The bit about not being in another companies DT, I'm on their side. It is like me working for my current company and on the side work for another firm. This is a straight conflict of interest. You can't play for SU and also play for the competing company that sells stamps. Except, unfortunately in this case, is that SU sell every single damn thing under the sun, so you can't even represent an ink company, a die cut company, a scrapbooking company, and now vinal wall covering company.

The bit about what you can say or not say on FB & Tweet or blog, that's a different story. I think I have the luxury here that my work and my hobby contrast so vastly that there is a very clear, defined line of what is work and what is not work. Stamping, crafting, crocheting, dancing, skating, playing tennis...etc are hobbies. Financial and Compliance anything are work. So, that's a very clear and easy to distinguish.

Unfortunately for the ladies out there, this is work and this is hobby. The line is so muddled that there's no line. But! It keeps them sane, give them an outlet, and gives them a diversion on whatever they're doing. If they are successful, that is truly one of the lucky few who gets to do what they love and earn a living at it. But, as reality goes, there are a rare few out there.

I'm saying that, not because they're not successful in nurturing their business. But, let's face it, with the recent economic downturn, high unemployment rate, market struggling to regain position. Who has the extra income to buy stamps? I mean, I am buying $1 stamps. I'm not spending $25 for 4 stamps.

Alot of the Demos are very displeased that they have to abide by the linking to non-SU people rule, simply because places like Splitcoast and Paper Craft Planet had nurtured a community. They help each other out, they learn from each other and be there for each other, albeit in the most cyber sense of those sentiments; but a community nontheless.

They made friends via those venues and link their blogs on to each others. Now, the IDA read as though if your friend works for another company you shouldn't be linked. I think that is a tad bit extreme. On my FB page I link to people whom I've worked with and are now in different companies, and no one can stop you from being friends or related to people that work for different, if not competing, companies. That bit is a tad silly.

Am I going to boycott SU as a company? No, so long as they keep having good color for card stock, and good stamps. I will patronize them as I see fit. Just like if I see good stamp design by another company, I would go for them too. I'm equal opportunity on that, just like clothes. If it's something that fits and I look good in, I'll buy it. If not, I'll go to the next place.

Ok... off soapbox now.

card by SU
Background stamp by Anne Griffin
Halloween stamp by Inkadinkado


Allison said...

Nice cogent discussion of the SU! changes. I am a little less "vehement" today than I was big beef was the whole idea of delineating the "community of crafters" (esp. being the link master...I like to find people and learn from them no matter what product they use). Super cute card...I wish they had a JoAnn's here! (And while we are still hot today, I hear scary things about next week!)

Heather the Mooselover said...

Cute Halloween card. I also can't get into Fall when it is so hot.

SU- I think they have really hurt themselves. They are going to lose a lot of hobby demos who are on DT's or simply like creating with other products.