Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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As I've said before, I'm totally not a Halloween girl. However, I can't help if the store has good stamps on sale. Sale, that's my favorite 4-letter S word. I totally am a sucker for those. I absolutely understands that stamp companies need to make a living and compensate for the overhead, but how can you say no to a bargain?

I would say out of my craft area that 80% of the supplies I bought on discount. I hate to pay full price and refuse to do so. I know I'm cheap, but when things get switched out as frequently as they do days, I might as well save some when I can. Plus, I'm sure the stores that are selling them (with maybe the exception of LSS), they are not hurting. I'm talking about the Michaels of the world, or the Hobby Lobby of the world. So, I absolutely don't feel bad.

That said, my friend was asking where does everyone buy their supplies. If I can help it at all, I would get it from the manufacturer. Simply because I know that they get to keep all the profit instead of having to go thru a middle man. Now, again I will be cheap about this: if they offer a really deep discount, or no shipping that is more enticing, I would go for that too. After all, who's looking out for your pocket, but you?

Card by DCWV
RubOns by Making Memories
Girl Stamp by Amuse
House stamp by Studio G

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