Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter Chill

Winter Chill
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This is to reflect the nice little cold front that made it thru Houston today. Trust me, the past 3 days has been in the 70s, it was mighty nice. I just love the 70s... makes me feel like I'm in Cali, and also make those brutal summers bearable. Frankly, as much as a 'cold front' we get, it's usually drop about 20 degrees. That's nothing coming from 80s & 70s. So, I cannot complain about cold, because it's nothing like up North. As a matter of fact, I know people will laugh at me for calling it 'cold' even. I do have my boots, my scraf, and my peacoat on. =D Fashion knows no weather, my friends.

Alright, quick and easy card for winter. I'm pretty much done w/ my Xmas/Holiday cards. I can't make any more... I've done so much that I'm practically giving them away. And I still have supplies to make more. In order not to temp myself, I've already packed up my Holiday stuff. It's stuffed up to the rim of the big paper boxes you get from work. So, those will be put up until Summer when I decided to A, start again, B, be brave enough to submit stuff for publication and stuff.

Right now, I have exciting news and a sad news. Exciting news, we went to Ikea and bought some awesome book cases, can't wait to get my craft area organized. However, that means I'll have to get my stuff packed up. Boo!!!

Sad news, my little camera finally said Auf Wiedersehen after many years of being a good camera it has been. I made some cards this weekend and was going to take some pics to share, but alas, it just went kaput. Very very sad. Maybe Santa will get me a camera, but not sure how I'm going to last thru the month with stuff to share... so, maybe I'll get it sooner? We'll see.

Card & Patterned paper by DCWV
3D embellishment by Soft Spoken
Rub on by Making Memories
Ribbon by Joann's Scrap Essentials

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