Thursday, December 20, 2007

Special dedication....

While both cards look seemingly similar, they mean greatly to me and the people they're going to. I know many crafters hate to make Sympathy cards. That's the last thing anybody wants to make. However, sadness is part of life, unfortunately. So, this is a mini dedication to them.

This card I made for my friend Dori, who was ever so anxious to find out recently that she's pregnant. They were sorta working on it, but not desparately or anything. They are just ready. As a matter of fact, they were going to tell the family about the news on Xmas day. However, Monday, when she went to the doctor, they can't find a heartbeat. That must be the most devastating thing one can get from the doctor. She was supposed to do something for me Sunday, and while she was trying to be responsible and tell me she can't make it, she also can't help herself and broke down. I received the news when I was at Target getting some Xmas stuff, and when she cried, I started to cry. I'm sure people at the store much thing something crazy is with me. So, I made that card for her.

This one is going to my friend Louise in Seattle. She lost her father last weekend. He had been sick for quite sometime, as a matter of fact they thought he wasn't going to make it till the end of the year when he found out he had cancer. During that time, his wife (my friend's mom) had left him for another guy. Her sister moved to another state, and alot of changes. Through it all, her dad put up a happy face and make sure to tell everyone that things will be ok. I really admire him for doing that. Because I know how my friend is distracted by his health, but he makes sure everyone keeps on going. As time gets near, she flew home to be by his side, and even then, he told her to go home. She did, and 36 hours later... well, you know. She had to turn around and go back.

My heart sank for both of them. Mainly because we are all the same age. Both scenario can easily be me that it happens to. I guess I've always think that nothing bad can happen to us, people our age, health. Not sure if some lesson is to be learned here, but for now, just grieving as they grief.

Cardstock by SU
Stamps by SU (Garden Silhouette, Warm Regards)
Ink by PearlEx Two Tone
*I tried to stamp the background to have some gold shimmering w/ the same image as the center image, but it looked too faint. However, when you stamp on the white CS it looks like the color the pad is supposed to be. :)

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