Friday, December 14, 2007

My Flocking story...

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... So, as the story goes, I got my nice little Flock & Foil kit by Making Memories. Totally addicted to the easier way to flock than making a big mess everywhere w/ the Fun Flock.

You rub on a stickie image, then you flock over that with another sheet. As thrifty crafter goes, I save everything. So, I flocked my snowflake, and I thought, looks like I can get another use out of it. So, I saved it for another flock. And here's a tip from me to you... you know, you think you can reuse something... this is not one of them. If you'd used the flock once, don't re-use it. Because when you do, and you try to flock a new flake w/ a used flock-sheet, it will have the pattern from before onto the new adhesive area. Some, I must admit looked cool. But that was not the effect I was going for.

So, bottomline, don't reuse, just do it normal. Nonetheless, I enjoy the flocked part of the card, and it was fun to play with. And I realize now, Glue Pad is also your friend if you were to do Fun Flock. Just take my word for it. Other 'cost-saving' ways just too much work for something that is supposed to be nice a fun.

Anyway, another packed weekend for us, hope you have a good one!

Card by SU
Patterned paper by DCWV
3D embellishment by Soft Spoken
Flock by Making Memories

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Heather said...

Sorry but you did have my laughing at the thought of reusing flock! It so sounds like something thrifty me would try!