Friday, December 28, 2007

To Flock or Not to Flock, that is the question...

Ok, this is really more of a product review for the Glue Pad vs. Zig 2 Way Glue Pen more than flocking.

But just want to let you know what started it all was because I was not able to put Fun Flock on my cards successfully, that that started me down this path. (For those of you who don't know what Fun Flock is, skip down, I'll explain.)

So, just for a test run. I had tried using the Glue Pad to flock, but to no avail. So, I decided to put glitter on it instead. By just glancing at the image (it's a tad out of focus ~ another story later), the left one is stamped w/ the Glue Pad and the right one is stamped with regular ink and then filled in w/ the Zig 2-way glue pen.

As you can see, the stamped image with the stamp pad is very light, compared to the image used the 2-way glue pen. Now, I will say, it's really a tad of unfair comparison because one is stamped w/ the ink pad and then sprinkled glitter on it. The other is stamped, filled w/ glue, then sprinkle glitter on. So, naturally, the area expose to glue is more on the latter than the former, BUT! I'm thinking, if you tell me your ink pad will glue things, I'm thinking that would be the case.

So, on to flocking... In case you haven't seen these before, apparently this craft phenomenon was from the 70s/80s (?), and now making a come back. It's great if you use flock to be the little bears body, or the bunny's tail. I'm just in love w/ the flocking idea. I think that was even solidified by my Flock & Foil kit. I just love the feeling of it, it's fun. So, naturally, you'd think, why not give it a try, right? Hmmm...

So, this is the original image:

Thought I'd give you some ground of comparsion, and you won't look at the following picture wondering, what the...

So, here: I was over zealous and thought, I can just flock the entire inked area and expose the nice swirl as the image has to offer:

Urm... not so much. As you can see, alot of the flock kinda lumped together. That's the draw back, you can dump as much as you want, and press, the unfortunate part is that if they're stuck, you don't quite want to remove any lumps because it may be attached to some more fuzz. So, by you removing it, it will create a small 'bald spot', if you will.

Here's where I decided to instead flocking the entire thing, just do the opening parts of the image. So, it's the negative of the above image:
As you can see it turns out much better. Less lumpy, and while you don't get a clear, precise image, since it's fuss, that's kinda expected.

So, what have we learned? Well, while Glue Pad, indeed does not require heating like Palette does, it also doesn't have that 'strong' bond as one might thing. I have read tips on this where if you stamp your image and wait for 10 mins and try to bond whatever you're trying to stick, it may work better. That theory will be tested tonight. What is not shown was a Happy Birthday that I stamped and flocked and it stuck ok. It's thinner flock, and definitely not as clear as the image. But, in theory, it worked.

Glue pad, as many had said, really needs to be juiced up frequently. It's not a biggie though, since you don't have to heat it. I've read somewhere that people had used the back of a plastic spoon and 'message' the pad and kinda get the ink re-surface. I have no idea if that's any truth to it, just one small teaspoon will last a good while.

Meanwhile, the Zig 2-way glue pen works better, (as mentioned before, unfair comparison) you're practically putting glue directly onto the image, thus create a better chance of getting the flock to stick. So, I recommend that way of putting flock to your project. I've also read people put Elmer glue as well. Whatever works for you. The other thing was some people had suggested using Sakura's Quickie Glue Pen, that's not as good, because the glue dispense is so little that you either have to work quick or somehow apply more than what it can dispense in order to glue your flock. But, if you're doing that I vote for the Zig because they do have different dispense tips available.

Hope you enjoyed my review. The DH 'fixed' my camera as one of my Xmas gift, the problem is all my setting I had previously is all wonked out. So, some of the pics aren't as clear as it should be. We'll get working on that.

Have a great weekend!


Estivalia said...

thank you so much for this post! even when it has its "cons" the Gluepad is the one I'll most likely get, because I don't own a heat gun :P

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your results. You definitely approach these sorts of things the same way that I do! LOL