Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heart Soar

heart soar
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Not to be narcissistic, but I'm lovin' this card every time I look at it. :) You know how sometimes you see a project and you can hardly believe that you did it. That's how I feel sometimes...

This just kinda came together on its own... guess my muse had mercy on me and gave me a break. Because the entire card came together in less than 5 mins. That's a record, people!

I love this Savvy airplane stampe, and there's a word stamp that goes along with it, but most of the places I looked at sold out of the stamp. How can that be? They are meant to go together, why would you have more of one than the other? Oy!

Much like Amuse had this cute bra stamp that has a word stamp that said: Thanks for your support, but I can find the word stamp but not the bra stamp. I mean, c'mon people, it was made to go together... Altho, in that case, I can see that word stamp is a common thing that people would want.... *sigh* whatcha gonna do.

Anyway, the red strip you see there, is not paper, it's a very nice, thick ribbon. I'm loving the thick ribbons these days... as soon as I can set up my bookshelf, then I can go back to crafting.... ack! Need to be off my butt and do that soon... maybe Saturday.

airplane stamp by Savvy
word stamp by Inkadinkado
tab by Scrapworks

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Christi Snow said...

What a gorgeous card!!! And thankyou so much for the award. I am sorry that I am so late in acknowledging it, but I really appreciate the thought! smiles...