Friday, January 25, 2008


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I just love this... it's so cute and so true sometimes....

I often like to see little emoticon that have one lean over to kiss the other and they blush. That's what this reminds me of.... too cute!

I also was inspired by the Savvy site to do some 'Savvy' style stamping. That is: stamp a background, and stamp the main image in black on top and work it out with a theme. So, that's what I did.

Result: I think the background of the card and the shadow image I have was a tad busy even though they go together fine. But, it is not exactly directing my eye to the clams. And as the message said, Happy as a Clam... I think I'd like to spotlight it more... we'll see.

Another busy weekend ahead, hope the sun will come out soon. Feel like I'm living in London or something... dark, cloudy, misty, and dreary.

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