Monday, January 14, 2008

A birdie told me...

A birdie told me...
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This is another one of my Stamp group project. I just like playing w/ the DPs, they're awesome. There are so much out there. Now, if clothes would work that way, that'd be awesome.

Seriously, I know Chester does some papers with MAMBI, but they also sell purses and totes. I've also seen kids wearing pants of the exact patterns. So, I know they are out there.

Now, sometimes I see clothes and I thought, that should be a patterned paper. Alas, it's easier said than done. Not that I'm complainin' as I have a whole collection of DPs that I love to look at and not touch... I'm sure there's a collector in all of us.

Anyway, this card is all SU again. I've actually made a boo boo... the inside said 'A birdie told me...' and then it should say, 'it's your birthday'. But, you know... I'd figure I can go for ironic. Like: hey, it's your bday, a little birdie told me. You think that'll fly? Hmm...

All supplies by SU

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