Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kitty TV

Cat TV
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I love cats and kittens, except that I'm allergic to cats. I didn't know for the longest time until I was near a very cute kitten then I realized I'm deadly allergic. I mean, as in, my thoart close up and I can't breathe.

But like I said, I love them.

That said, our neighbor in the apartment complex has this Siamese, she's a evacu-cat from Katrina. The neighbors fell in love with her when she sat up on the husband's lap. So, she is to keep the guy company when he's at home. Except, they kept letting her wander around the complex. Cars runs around and kinda dangerous. Luckily, there's another stray to keep her company.

At first we've been feeding the stray because we can't find the owner for him. We called him Adium because it meows funny. Then he keeps the Siamese company when we're not there and stuff. Slowly, the Siamese called our porch home because she kept eating the food we left out for Adium. Then, one day when the Siamese's owners went on vacation and locked the cat in, the stray stopped coming around. It's very sad.

I have to say, when they hang out at our porch, it's very entertaining to watch. Their sleeping habits, eating habits, interacting with bugs and other cats. It's very interesting to watch. I call it the Kitty TV. Sorta like Animal Planet, except it's cat 24/7.

So, needless to say, when Cat's Pajamas had a sale earlier in the summer, I snatch these stamps and had to make a Cat TV card. And here it is:

Patterned paper by Hot off the Press
Ribbon by American Craft
Stamps by Cat's Pajamas
Card stock by Elliott

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