Monday, December 15, 2008

Been tagged...

... by Sarah at Sew Crafty. Before I start the meme, I have to tell you guys our Wine Charm class w/ stamped shrinky dink was a hit!

We had anticipated 4 people to show by the end of the night there were 7 of us. How cool was that?! What's more cool, is that she's donation a portion of the class fee to Star of Hope (a local shelter) to buy some craft supplies for their programs. That's awesome!

Alright, here's what I've been tagged with:
* Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
* Share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird.
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7 Facts:

1, I hate peas. For some reason, when I bite into one, it reminds me of the scene where Snow White bit into the poison apple. Don't know why, but that's what I associate peas with.

2, I liked raw carrots but not cooked ones. Again, it's another weird thing... maybe the mush-ness is not my thing, but the raw carrots always reminds me of bunny that eat to get better eyes.

3, I checked FB, Google Reader, LJ more than I like to admit. Since work blocks my email, I can't communicate w/ my friends, so I check those places to see what everyone is up to. Of course, I do get quite a bit of down time to check. C'mon I actually do work around here.

4, I secretly like the West Coast Swing better than Lindy, but the people and music are better in Lindy. This will make my friend Michelle giddy. I know it! I like the technicality of the dance, versus alot of willy nilly non-rule rules. But, truly, I enjoy the the music more and I have more friends on one side than the other.

5, If I can have sugar as meals I would. Talk about having major sweet tooth. I know it's bad, but I blame it on my mom who lets me have chocolate cake for breakfast when I was little. Not every day, but when I stay with her. It's the fun thing to do... and I would do it occasionally now as an adult. But seriously... I don't need the LBs.

6, I think I have ADD when it comes to crafting & hobbies. I crochet, I am learning how to knit, I stamp, I paper craft in other ways, I can make soap, I ice skate (spinning up to 5 revolution on one foot), I dance, I DJ, I travel. Talk about ADD. I don't (yet) bead, make candles, draw, paint, sew, basket weave...etc, I'm sure I can come up with more... but I don't need the temptation.

7, Even though I don't sew, I have a T-shirt quilt in progress going on 4 years now. I at one point had a vision to turn my high school, college, and dance T-shirts I've collected and turn them into a theme quilt. (i.e. Dance Events, College Events) I started one for Hard Rock Cafe, when I used to be a big fan at collecting their shirts. And I've done about 3/4th of the front panel and kinda gave up. Mainly because there's more math than I'm willing to do... Plus, I don't have the patient. But yet every year, as a new year resolution, I vow to finish that quilt. Maybe 2009 is a good year. We'll see.

Ok, this is where I have to tag people. I don't want to leave anybody out, so if you so incline to play. Please go ahead and post it to your blog. Feel free to let me know that you did it, so I can go read yours.

Have a great day! I will post card tomorrow, promise!

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