Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MFT Xmas

MFT Xmas
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So, I actually got this set a while back, just got caught up with all sorts of projects that didn't get to ink it. GASP! I know... but, here it is!!!

Can I just tell you how much I love the paper piecing technique. And MFT's stamps are perfect for that. You know who else's is great for that technique? Rubber Romance. I mean, I'm sure you can do that to almost any stamps you get, but some of them just scream to piece them...

Anyway, I must say that the couch and the outfit works perfectly together, if I may say so myself. You feel that it's Winter time and get to see that the outfits matches the season.

That said, it's 68 degrees in Houston, so I've been bragging about that to my friends up North. Of course, they get the bragging right in the summer time, but now... it's cold to them, it's not for me! Yay!

All stamps from MFT
All Patterned paper from Basic Grey Wassail

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