Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Skating along

Skating along
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So, for those of you who live down South would understand that there's a snowball chance in hell that you get to skate outdoors. Unless some sort of miracle happens, the chances of that is slim to none. So, we don't get the romantic scenes of couples skating outdoors and have their lovey dovey conversation. Well, this year, the park downtown (where they try to 'hip' it up) decided to do an outdoor rink. In the past, it's very sad looking because they don't have enough electricity to fight the heat that melts the rink. So, inevitably, the poor tiny rink would be filled with puddles of water everywhere.

This year, however, a different company is doing it at his brand spankin' new park. It's kinda neat because it's a true vision of you built it they will come. People like the atmosphere and they try to do different things every night. There's also 2 restaurants there. So, trying to be THE place to go. Sadly, it's on the edge of downtown, you barely get the downtown traffic because it's away from everyone's offices, and people who work down here don't usually like to be back down here to socialize. Like me.

Anyway, we went to skate at the outdoor rink, it's cute, it's small. You don't get to build up any momentum to do much. As my friends were worried that they will be launched into the man-made lake. I told them, no such luck. You have to really try to make it that far. I definitely treasure that kind of experience, even though I know it'll get melted soon. :(

Anyway, so here's my skating card. I like my reindeer all chic and cute and skating! So, hopefully, where you are, there's some cool skating spot to skate, either indoors or out. :)

Think Snow stamp by TCP
Snowflake stamps by SU
Reindeer & curlz by CC Designs
Shadow stamp by A Muse
Bling by Paper Studio
Brad by Joann's Essentials

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