Friday, December 4, 2009

This is one last project we did at the SU Demo's home.

It's a DSP folder transformed into a legal pad holder.

The whole process was very nifty, and I have to give props to the ladies who are clever enough to come up with it.

Basically, you open up the folder, re-fold the lines and then tape down the bottom, insert the legal pad, and put a velcro, and voila. I know, that's not helping you with squat, but here's an instructions I found -> Click here.

I know there's another one out there that has a step-by-step photo on there, but will keep searching for ya.

Otherwise, it's snowing down here in Houston. That doesn't happen very often. Last year they snowed outside of Houston, and people were alarmed. This time, it snowed and I do mean snowed downtown. It hasn't stuck on the streets, but snowcapped several buildings. So, it's a sight to see. Of course, the city is shut down because people don't know how to handle this type of weather down here. Last time it snowed like this was about 6 years ago and it lasted for couple of hours. This time lasted almost all day... so that'll be interesting.

All by SU

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