Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prayer card

Prayer card
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Well, I hate to blog about a Sympathy card because that usually means something bad happened to someone and their family. It's a very emotionally charged event.

This time is my boss' passing. He's been diagnosed w/ brain cancer July 4th of last year. He's been ill for 16 months. Even then, he's outlived the statistic of 6 months. The whole thing is very scary and very sad. The illness grew so quickly that you really see him deterioate before your eyes. He had gone from not being able to move his left side of his body, to a wheelchair, to essentially dead weight, to losing his sight, and losing control to even open his eyelids. That said, his mind was sharp till the very end. We've visited him and while he would repeat himself here and there, he still was quick to return wits. I think what kept him going for so long was because of his positive energy. That's what the people he led needed, that's what his family needed, and that's what he needed.

He finally lost his battle after Thanksgiving. We went to his Memorial Service this past Saturday. The service was upbeat, but that's very true to his characteristics. The tributing words from his friends were also very candid and very him. The place was packed, and you realized not only is he influential in the city, because most of the guests were the Who's Who of Houston Businessmen, but also he had touched alot of people's lives. There were some standing room only.

I made the card and sent it to his family because I knew I wouldn't be at their house to pay my respect to the family. First of all, I'm terrible at situations like that. Second of all, I never know what to say. So, a card seems very appropriate.

Cardstock by SU
Background stamp by Martha Stewart
Cross & word stamps by Verve Visual

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Allison said...

This is so lovely...that stamp set is just perfect for this card type. And I would not have thought of purple but it totally works here. Sorry about the passing of your boss...