Tuesday, December 15, 2009

pretty deer

pretty deer
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Amid all the birthdays and the memorial service, I did make Xmas/Holiday cards. I've always tried to be very PC when it comes to stuff like that. I think what got me was my first year at my work where the guy I work closely with in NY is Jewish, and when I said Merry Christmas, he paused and responded Happy Holidays. Ooops... Now in my defense, even though I work closely w/ him and talk to him daily, I've never met the guy. Even now, I've been with the firm for 7 years, and I still haven't met him.

Anyway, so I tried to make pretty decent amount of Holiday cards to accommodate the non-Christian or agnostic friends. I suppose, I have to respect theirs as others expected them to respect ours. It's only fair.

Ok, this card: this stamp you've seen everywhere... everyone has it, it seems like. I have to admit, it is a very pretty design, and the prop is definitely well deserved. I've seen some very pretty scenes made w/ it, I've seen tags, and other ways to incorporate this image to the scene.

I just prefered it to be simipler way, just a stand alone, and though you can't see it, I did dotted the little flair w/ a glitter pen. It's makes it more 'magical' in a small way. Hopes whoever gets it sees it that way.

Card by Joann's Essentials
Patterned paper by Cosmo Cricket
Stamp by SU

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