Friday, December 18, 2009


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Have you ever heard of people bring back the word 'Wassailing'? I heard it recently, and I've always thought that has something to do w/ drinknig Wassail. Wassail, the drink, it's nothing more than mulled spiced cider. I've always associated that as part of the English tradition, because when I go have high tea during the holiday months, I can always rely on those shops to get some decent wassail.

As opposed to Wassailing, the act of, that is really caroling. They did use to sing to the apple orchards so they will have good harvest the following year. And the Middle English, that's when they would go door-to-door and wish each other health, even people they are feuding with. So... that's a nice story to tell.

I did this because a co-worker in Atlanta and I were just talking about the Christmas Story. How they all went out to the Chinese place and the guys were singing Fra-ra-ra-ra. And doesn't matter what you're doing and what your knowledge or feeling about that movie, that scene just makes you laugh. So... thus the singing.

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