Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sympathy & Friendship

Sympathy & Friendship
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I had to do another sympathy card, this time is for a co-worker's dog. She doesn't have any children, so her pets are her kids. Don't worry, she's not one of those crazy lady with 100 cats or something. She has more like a zoo. She has couple of dogs, couple of cats, a parrot and something else.

It seemed silly to cry over a dog when our boss just passed away. But she has this dog since it was a pup, and this dog has been w/ them for 11 years. So, it's really family to her. She even said she felt awful crying so hard about her dog when our boss passed. I was telling her, it's not like she's closed to the boss, but she's definitely close to her dog, so that makes tons of sense.

The sad part is that there's another pup in that litter that she adopted and the surviving brother is always looking around the corner for his older brother. I think lucky for them they have short term memory, but I'm sure he still wonders.

I made this one for her, and there's a very nice saying also from Verve Visual, that said: Life is not measured by the breathe we take, but by the moments that takes our breathe away. I find that very appropriate for her and her loss.

Card by Michaels
Word stamps by My Sentiment Exactly
Flower stamp by Verve Visual

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