Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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So this is the card I ended up giving the bride & groom to be at the couple's shower. It's also based on something else. While I was at Bed Bath & Beyond waiting for them to wrap the presents, I was browsing thru their cards selection. And one of them only has a tattoo just similar like this and instead of Eternity, it said Love on it. Just that on a white background, nothing else.

Well, I tried to duplicate it and then use the rub-on that came w/ this set and rub LOVE on it. Except that blonde that I am, sometimes, I misspelled it. Of course, immediately noticed it as soon as I was done rubbing it on the card. So, I just cut the card up and cut the 'tattooed' portion out and just pasted it on another piece of patterned paper from the set.

I actually liked it better this way, makes me feel less plain as the original card design was. And it just highlights the hearts and eternity. Mind you that I'm never much of a tattoo person, but this set was so well designed that I couldn't resist and bought the kit set. And I basically drew the line at the skull bit. That's just waaaaay out of my comfort zone there. Pretty drawings and color combo I can handle, the likeness of tattoo I can handle, but skulls... urm... no! The inside I just wrote: May you love last an eternity... like the tattoo. Thought that was cutesy.

That's ok since the shower was boring, we left as soon as the couple opened our present. I know that's a tad tacky, but to be honest, we did have a class to go teach, so that's our legit reason. But the couple had invited friends from all groups involve in their lives. Her church group of friends didn't want to mingle during the icebreaker game, which totally set off the mood for the rest of the afternoon. Ah well, such as life!

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