Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Xmas -CSDSC02

Happy Xmas -CSDSC02
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So, I did this from a sketch challenge on Card Studio Designs. Go check them out: They do have an awesome forum, fun people, friendly and welcoming ladies. Sadly the forum hates me. No, no, not the people on the forum, the forum itself hates me. They have been having issues and what nots, which is understandable. When you get popular overnight, the traffic load is higher than the server is used to handling (as compare to SCS). So, I'm like, ok, I'll be patient little grasshopper. Then, I would go back and check, and it will hang. If I were to try to look into a topic, it will hang, try to respond, it will hang. Try to post something, oy to the vey, you can forget about it. Geesh. I finally gave up...

When I'm stress at work and trying to goof off and it's not letting me, instead of it adding more stress to my already stressed brain, I'd say forget it. I'll come back to it later. Which is sad, because they do have fun topics and silly games that take my mind off of things around my desk (say o' payroll or something). *sigh*

Anyway, this is a card I did for their sketch challenge. (Already told you that I know). I'd give you a link to what the other's have done, if I can get there... but, if not, you can try and check them out. Enjoy!

Card by CK
Patterned Paper by DCWV
Bear tag by K&CO.
Stamp by MSE


Heather said...

I fell in love with that sketch when I saw it on the forum. I have also had issues with that forum and it is too bad because I like it a lot when I can get into it!

Christi Snow said...

Gorgeous card!! I am hoping that the forum will straighten out a bit because you're right, it's a great forum. smiles...

jodene said...

Love your card. The bear tag is great!