Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Card

Baby Card
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Gosh, I'm a total slacker. Actually, I'm not. There's some fire at work and then we went to Austin for a dancer's weekend. Where we dance from 8 till midnight, then from 1a to 5a. I didn't go to any of the 1 thru 5a. Some because it was so late. Some because it's a different side of town and I know I'll be falling asleep doing all that driving. That said, I didn't do anything... maybe I'll get to catch up on Thursday.

This is a Baby card I made for a friend back a while. But, I love it, so it's on here. The little Giraffe is from Borders. You remember for a while they started to sell these neat 3D embellishments, then they hooked up w/ Papyrus to sell theirs full time. Well, when they were trying to get rid of the old stuff, I ransack their bins and that's where he came from. :) I love sales!

Baby stamps (at Michael's)
giraffe from Borders
Fancy Pants flowers

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