Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You, Light up my life...

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... you make me whole...

Alright, I'll stop singing... but this stamp always makes me think of that song, and mind you that's not from my era!

This is a card that I made a while back. I just like the simplicity of it. But now, I'm having doubts like, this might be too plain. Hmm... maybe I'll send it over to Stamping Critique and solicit some opinions.

Have I told you about Stamping Critique yet? Well, it's Heather's brainchild which I happen to agree. The philosophy behind that blog is that alot of times, we are so encouraging with each other that we are also very polite. I'm sure there are cards here you'll be like, that's great but it can be better by doing (this). Well, that's the point of Stamping Critique.

There are a few of us on there right now, what we do (I think it's brave) is post our work and give constructive feedback. Nothing like smashing people or anything, but how to help each other to make it better. I'm loving that idea because I posted one card on there that's is very blah to me, and the ladies helped brainstorm with all sorts of options to make it better. So, I'm anxious to sit down and play with the card again incorporating what the others had inputted. I'm totally psyched! You guys should go check it out!

Alright gotta go back to work. :)

Stamps by Impress Rubber Stamps
Patterned Paper by AMM Coutour

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Heather said...

blushing-- I'm so glad you joined!

I like that chandelier image.