Thursday, November 15, 2007

Xmas trees

Xmas trees
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This is another out of the ordinary color scheme for Xmas. I mean, who said that Xmas has to be red and green? Hallmark? The rest of the commercialized industry?

Well, I just like to go against the grain sometimes... Trust me, I have alot of Xmas cards that are the traditional Red and Green. I actually did this card for some contest earlier the season. I just really like the color combo.

So, the 2 pies I made for work turned out great. I did a Shoo Fly Pie for DH's work, and then I did a Chocolate Puddle pie for my work. Sadly, I looked at the ensemble' and my awesome puddle pie is no match to some cheesecake out there. I would cry foul and say that those people cheated, but alas, I know that is not true. They baked it at home. *sigh* You guys don't understand, I don't bake or cook much. (Like I have the time.) So, for me to actually bake not one but 2 pies, that's like a giant feat. That's more than alot of people that sits around me at the cube farm. Hee hee...

Patterned paper & Rub on by 3Bugs in a Rug
Stamp by Paper Salon tree
Bling by Hero Arts

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