Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shower invites

Shower invites
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So this is what I've been busy with lately. I've made about 25 of these baby shower invites for a friend of mine. She's due in Feb and totally nonchalant about when her shower is going to be. We obviously didn't want to have her shower right around the holiday as that would be too much of a financial burden on the friends. And I also didn't want people cheating them of their Xmas pressies and just say they bought them stuff for the shower. (I know, silly.)

So, we pinned second weekend of Dec. Even then it's so hard to coordinate w/ everyone's calendars. Most of the friends are from the dancing circuit so trying to avoid competitions or other dance related event on the calendar is a chore to itself.

Anyway, we finally came to an agreement and I made the invites. Since we know it's a boy (gee, can't you tell?), I tried to use up my patterned cards from a box I bought a while ago. And since I just got my hot little hands on the MFT stamps... must... play... with... them...

Here's the final product! They all went out yesterday! Wohoo!

Anyway, wish you guys a Happy Turkey Day!


jodene said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Christi Snow said...

I LOVE these cute!! And absolutely perfect for a baby shower! Great idea!!! smiles...