Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to DH

D's bday invite
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So, today is DH's bday. It's hard because I've made these a month ago and have been dying to show everyone, but can't because he reads this blog too. So, I had to keep it under wraps for a long time.

Finally, we had the party last Saturday and the cat was let out of the bag. I had ordered a cupcake cake to shape like the iPod too. He's a really big Apple fan, so it is only appropriate to have it shape like an iPod.

What you don't have an idea is how hard to get everyone's address to mail them the invite. Well, for our friends, that's easy, because I've known them for so long that I know their addresses. His family I had to ask his mom to get everyone's info. Then, his friends I have to sneak around and ask them for their addresses and one of them came back.

Anyway, it went off without a hitch, tons of food leftover (and thank goodness to the Super Bowl party the next day). =D I think he had a good time... trust me, there's alot of running around and thank goodness to my friends who are awesome people that helped me picked up food along the way to the party. Otherwise I would've had to clone myself to get all that done.

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Estivalia said...

how fun to have a card shaped like and iPod... and a cake! :) habby bday to your husband :D