Monday, May 19, 2008

Girls and her blings

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Sorry I've neglected my blog for the past couple of days... I decided that I need a much needed vacay from all things computer. Well, not exactly true, because I did check my emails and stuff. But, I didn't stay on the computer much.

I would say that I was kinda productive... got the oil change, did the service for the car. Got some errands done, which is nice to do that during the week when everyone is at work, and I have the luxury to stroll in and out when I feel like it.

Anyway, I did make some cards... ironically, I did more Xmas cards than I did regular cards. I know I have to make some commissioned Thank Yous and a special request for Bday card, but for some reason Xmas paper and stamps were calling my name... I can't help it.

Well, that said, I did make some 'normal' cards... this is one of them... Sometimes I wish they have a ATC size of this, and that way I can make some smaller... maybe I'll shrinky dink the image... we'll see.

Anyway, that's all for today, I have to go back to work to support my habit... oh, I mean, my hobby.

Stamp by Rubber Romance
Card & Patterned Paper by DCWV
Ribbon & Chipboard by Soft Spoken

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