Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So, here's what else I've been busy with... This birdie is just too cute... I'm thinking that I need to make a few more. As according to my DH, the stepdaughter had already been eyeing on this little guy. Or a pear. We'll see... This is a very cute birdie, I must say. Not that I invited it or anything. I just can follow a pattern well. As a matter of fact, in case you're interested, here's the link Click Me.

The author had like 3 together, and I'm thinking that I may do another so this has a mate. Although the color just reminds me so much of Pac-Man rather than birdie. Which I did find a pattern for Pac-Man too... behold the power of the interweb.

Anyway, this is the profile of the birdie, as you can see, it has a tail... a cute one at that. Took me a while to sew on. I hate the sewing part, don't mind the crocheting part. At least I can watch tv while I crochet... as oppose to stamping, I can only hear my show, because I need to concentrate on my images.

So, stay tune for Friday's announcement of the Blogaversary Candy... It's been a year, and I got some good stuff to give away... so stay tune!

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Heather said...


You have only had your blog for 1 year? Congrats!