Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Xmas pres

Xmas pres
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Ok, first off, I do know that Xmas is not for a long ways, but you know it's freggin' 90 here in Houston, with 80% of humidity. So, I needed something to cool me off, and thinking about Xmas is one of those tricks. I mean, how many city can do live in, that has 100% humidity and it doesn't mean it'll rain? That'd be here. It doesn't rain, and it's hot, so you're essentially getting a steam bath with your clothes on. So, if you can imagine that... this is what I get for the rest of the summer. I swear, last year wasn't this bad.

Anyway, so back to the card. I know Xmas is a long way off, but this chicky is just so awesome. I'd love to have her on my team to deliver presents.

I did struggled a bit on whether to highlight her headlight, or the fur on her outfit. I was going to go crazy with the Liquid Applique. But then decided on the headlight instead. I had also thought about drawing those lines like cartoon does, to make it look like she's moving along. I need research more on that later....

Anyway, still time for the Blogcandy (go look at the Piggy 2 post).

Card by DCWV
Patterned paper by K&Co.
Circle stamp by SU
Girl stamp by Inky Antics


Heather said...

The background paper is great with the image!

You put me to shame- I still need to make my moving announcements.

wendyp said...

Cute card!

100% humidity....ICK! I can deal with the heat but its the humidity that makes it unbearable.

Jennie Skaggs said...

Love this....I cannot believe though that you are thinking of Christmas. :)