Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Gossip

Good Gossip
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*sigh* I wish I'm doing what they're doing... sitting around, drinking wine and gossiping...

No such luck for me... I have been studying for a test for work... it's my 6th license test. This one is deceivingly easy, so I didn't want to be a slacker and not study. But I've read the entire thing twice yesterday and did the practice test and did well. So, you know I would take it as a sign that I can be a slacker. I hate that.... I do well when a test is all definitions with little applications. But on the flip side, my head gets big for thinking that it'll be a piece of cake. Oy.

Ok, something fun... this is another set from MFT, I swear I just love their stuff... just LOVE!

Alright, gonna go hit the books. Maybe I can get some cards done after the test today. Wish me luck!

Cardstock by SU
Stamp by MFT
Patterned Paper from Paper Mojo

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Jackie G said...

Fabulous!! I just LOVE this!! I wish that was me too! lol