Monday, April 7, 2008

Quick card

Quick card
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Well, I was just haven't so much fun w/ the paper pack that I just put this together very quickly. It was really all scraps from other things, but that's what made it nice.

I actually had intended this for a friend's baby but instead, I rather do something else. So, this will be my generic baby card instead. :) I think this is sex neutral where it's ok to go for either... but I'm think now that it's a tad more boyish than girlish... go figure.

Past weekend, I went to outlet shops and shopped for 5 hours, but it was also hanging out w/ friends, so that was good retail therapy. Of course, also mean that I haven't done much in terms of crafting, hopefully I'll get to catch up soon.

Sorry had to keep it short, but I have to study a test for work both tomorrow & the day after, so I better get my butt going.

All supplies by DCWV

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Jackie G said...

Such a cute card!! I love that bunny! Fabulous job!!