Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby Bday card

Justine's bday
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Here's a scrap card from me... I don't usually do chipboard so having a scrap card + chipboard is like a jaw dropping event. I understand it's nothing earth shattering but you know, I don't go outside of my box much, and I like it there.

Then I got to thinking, how I don't have any baby birthday's related stamps. Most of my stuff are very 'grown up' or I'd like to think 'chic' stamps. I do have cutie stamps but they're for different occasions.

So, chipboard worked out great. I just put them together and bada bing- bada boom. DONE! I think it's a cute cute type of card... This is for my co-worker's daughter's birthday. Since we're not invited, it's awkard to just offer something, I think. So, I think I'm going to pick up a small beanie baby and go with the card...

Tonight is my 'off' night, so hopefully get some time to play with my new stamps. I also suspect that one of my order came in... so hopefully, that's the case and I'll have new stuff to play with. Yipee!

All supplies by DCWV

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