Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue Bday

Blue Bday
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Gosh, I have so many Bday cards to do is insane... also didn't have time to do them all either...

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing on top of the nice weather we had. Today, luckily had gone back to gloomy as I am stuck in my office. HA!

Anyway, so, got some cards done. Lately my muse is not around as much, so I end up wasting alot of time to either look at my paper and stuff and hope something will jump out at me. Or cleaning some here and there in hope that I can find something to make.

So, here's one that's easy to do. I bought this set off of eBay, who is my friend on stuff that are hard to find or not easily available. I buy alot of out of print books from there, and some 3rd tier hostess SU sets from there too. Usually, if I can hold off for a little while, they all pop up on there.

Anyway, that said, I don't have anybody in mind while making this. So, it might go to a pile... we'll see. :)

All supplies from SU


Estivalia said...

eBay is my best friend, too <3 Though I use it more to get tools than other stamps.

Love you card today :)

Heather said...

I like the card. Sometimes my Muse isn't there either and I tend to organize and look at my toys too.