Friday, February 15, 2008

If the shoe fits...

If the shoe fits...
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... buy them in different colors...

I'm itching to go shopping, but kinda didn't want to due to my weight. I know, that's not a legit reason, and I'm pretty sure Stacy & Clinton from WNTW would also say that is not an excuse. But then again, they are the type that would tell you to get your jeans hemmed.

I'm one of the 'lucky' ones that buy clothes off the rack and wear as is. I don't like to take things to hem due to many unfortunate incidents. I think the only success was my wedding dress and I did pay an arm and a leg for that. So, needless to say, taking my jeans to get altered seems very indulgent.

Shoes however, you know that's why women has so many pairs of shoes. Doesn't matter what size you are up top, your feet stays where they are... While I do not have a shoe fetish, I can appreciate a good pair of shoes. So, that quote: ' If the shoe fits, buy them in different color.' is a great theory and rule to live by.

Anyway, let's talk about the card, the more shopping I talk about the more I feel like some gift cards are burning a hole in my purse. Ok, card.... I was playing around w/ the black DP, it's neat, w/ the Swirl embossed, it makes the flowers really looked like it's floating in the air. Though, not sure about putting this lovely girl in front of it doing much for me. But it sure does make her POP. I was hoping it come off as a little window effect, but what's in my head is easier and less practical than reality.

Card by DCWV
Patterned paper by Amanda Blue
Stamp by Rubber Romance

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Heather said...

Cute card! I agree with you- if it fits I'll often buy another in another color! Especially shoes!