Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
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Well, technically, today is Fat Tuesday, but since I don't have any Mardi Gras card or color themed I will post the few Chinese New Year cards I have...

This is very matching... The vellum in the background was designed by my friend Catherine who passed 2 years ago. She was very talented lady. Also very much into the Asian cultures which led to her success to owning her own company along w/ her husband. That said, the company is no more, and also a lost for the Houston Rubber Stamp community.

Anyway, she designed these Kois swimming, and I thought how appropriate is to to have the saying. The saying phonetically is: Yu Yee Gut Cheung, which means, may all your wish comes true and in more folds [than intended]. But the word Yu which is the first word you see there, also sounded like Chinese word for Fish. So, that's why I thought it was appropriate. They have alot of words that sounds like something else, and then they became symbol for the saying. Like when I was little, I never tell my parents that I want to go buy books in Chinese because the word book sounds like lose as in gambling. So, I was not allowed to say that. Or, you never give someone a clock for present because it sounds like you're sending them off (as in when someone passes), so they're very much into the multi-meaning stuff.

While this is a common symbol to have fish to go along it, not sure how common it is to have koi. I'll have to look that up. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Vellum by Papers by Catherine, stamps by StampMagick

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Estivalia said...

very pretty card! I also enjoyed the facts about chinese words.. and that vellum is soo beautiful, I'm sorry the artist passed away :(