Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chinese New Year 2

CNY 08
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Well, this is a tad more festive for me... I find it so appealing that just having red and grey as main focus, it just pops right off the card. The card said Happy New Year, phonetically: Kung Hey Fat Choi. I truly translate to wishing you making lots of money this coming year. I guess wishing you a prosperous year will do too. As time pass, it just easier to tell my non-Asian friends that it means Happy [Chinese] New Year.

The flowers on here are really Japanese's Cherry Blossom, which is a Japanese signature flower. But in reality, for Chinese New year, it should be Peach Blossom (It's light pink than Cherry Blossom), Quince (it's a tad more thorny than Cherry Blossom), or Pussy Willow for the New Year. Alot of people bring Narcissus Lily when they visit each other as well. They all symbolizes good luck in some way.

I remember my dad would go to the New Year Market, which is like a flea market but instead of selling you old used things, they sell you new stuff. From knick knacks to flowers to things you need to bring in the new year. And one of the things he does is to get the Peach Blossom for decoration. He would wait till the last day of the market, usually the night before Chinese New Year and try to get it at a discount.... Yep, that's what my dad does.

I do miss the little things like that, and have missed the holiday itself. The festivities, going to people's housing, and getting red envelope (which is where I get money from relatives). My hub now gets to take part in it, and it's weird that people gave him a red envelope, he's like what am I doing with this... until he realize there's cash inside. Yeah, I'm all about that too, especially when I was younger, that's so cool people just give you money. Of course, I didn't realize on the flip side, my parents are also giving money to the other people's kids. So, it's really a trade off. Some deals better than others, of course, but hey fun for me. XD

Anyway, this is a card I'm mailing to Seattle for my friend who recently lost her father. Hope this will cheer her up.

Card from SU
Paper by Paper Mojo
Stamp by StampMagick


Estivalia said...

thanks again for all the info on the chinese new year, I'm also gonna check up the company that makes that paper, gorgeus! :)

Heather said...

Nice Card!