Thursday, July 31, 2008


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This card is totally craft-lifted. Sadly, I don't remember from whom. If you do, please let me know, so I can properly credit the originator/creator.

This is one of my problem: sometimes I really think that I'm ADD, because of all the blogs I read and all the websites I visit. I no longer know who's blog or site I'm looking at. I just see pretty colors and combos and marvel. If I happen to remember what it is, and actually execute a card, it's like a freggin' miracle. Anyway, I am guilty of being a copy cat, don't know who I've copied it from. But, 'tis true!

Ok, got tons going on. Don't forget to sign up for blog candy here. You have till August 6th. Just make sure you post a comment on that post and we'll have do the work! :)

Have a good one.

all by SU

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