Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain rain

Rain rain
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Man, I was woken up by rain at 5:20a this morning. Well, trust me the rain is much needed, but not sure about the waking me up part. Last year, in July, there were about 6 days that did not rain. And this was not like downpour kind of rain; it was a Seattle drizzling kind of rain. While that sounds annoying, it was a lucky one. Because it didn't rain on my way to work or on my way home, only during the times I was inside. Those are delightful. Mainly because it feels cooler to what would've been a tortures month.

Anyway, Dolly is hitting S.Padre, and now it's just getting the residual rain here. Trust me, we've been teased to have rain for days, and saw nothing... Finally some and it woke me up.

Alright, enough about the weather, let's talk card. I was just looking at the picture and realized where I got the idea for those boots. I was thinking that it must've been from somewhere like J.Crew to have those bright color-ed boots. How cool would that be. They're expensive as heck, but cool nonetheless. Of course, I probably wouldn't have a problem spending the boot cost on craft supplies, but I would have a problem spending it on the boots themselves. How sad is that?

Well, that said, I decided to do a traditional color of raincoat. But then was reminded by the little voice inside my head that you never seen anybody in real life have a raincoat anymore. I don't think I see them on TV anymore either. But, if you do a bright yellow raincoat, everyone knows what you're referring to, how strange is that?

Alright, enough with deep thoughts, I have homework for a class due and got work going on. Bleh. I'd rather be stamping!

Card by DCWV
Patterned paper by Memory Box
Stamp by MFT
Rain drop sticker by Colorbox
Rain stickers by Cloud 9

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